Premium Protection Plan

Accidents Happen, Protect Your Investment

Enjoy your furniture worry-free!

You can never predict when an accident will happen, but you can protect yourself from the costs with our 5 Year Premium Protection Plan on:

Furniture | Rugs | Patio | Adjustable Bases

What Our Plan Provides

5 Years of Coverage

Peace of mind knowing your investment is protected for 5 years.

Professional Service

A licensed, professional service technicians will visit your home.

Product Replacement

If we can't clean or repair your item, we'll replace the damaged piece.

Unlimited Service

Protect your pieces with unlimited service on qualified accidents.


Plan Coverage

Human and Pet Bodily Fluids
Food and Beverages
Facial Cosmetics and Nail Polish
Grease and Oil
Paint and Dye
Crayon, Ink and Marker
Grass and Mud
Dye Transfer (color from blue jeans or newspapers)
Household Heat Marks and Burns
Punctures and Rips (excluding seams)
Breakage of Mechanism
Cracking and Peeling (of top grain leather only)
Fading from the Sun
Checking, Cracking, Bubbling
Peeling of Finish or Lifting of Veneers (from a specific incident)
Mirror Chipping
Glass Breakage
Scratch or Gouge (penetrating through the surface)

*Plan also covers failure of motors and associated components.

Plan Pricing

Coverage Details

Find complete details of the Premium Protection Program warranty for an item in your region.



To submit a claim, track a claim, or find the protection plan you purchased, you can call or use the Customer Portal.

Claims Prior to 07/27/2020
Claims On or After 07/27/2020