Design Services


Design Services

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What We Can Help With

Floor Plan Advice

We'll use our digital tools to help you map out your space and determine the best layout options.

Style Expertise

Drawing on years of experience, we'll use our knowledge to help guide you in the design process.

Custom Furniture Design

We'll work with you to create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that help express your unique style.

Virtual Showroom Tours

If you want to browse from the comfort of your home, we'll be happy to give you a virtual showroom tour.

How It Works


Book An Appointment

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Meet Your Designer

Connect in-person or virtually to kick off your project and start collaborating


Design Your Space

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Customer Reviews

Donald B.

"I furnished my new home with the assistance of a fabulous Mathis designer. Without his professional interior design expertise, I would not have had such a beautiful outcome. The amount of time he saved me was priceless. The entire experience was terrific - shopping, delivery, and the perfect placement in my home!"

Mark S.

"My designer was fantastic at her job, very friendly, and professional! I always ask to her work with her. Per usual, I was completely satisfied by the furniture that she picked out to show me. I believe she knocked it out of the park on these latest purchases. I am so appreciative to get to work with her!"

Jody M.

"Our designer was outstanding! She went above and beyond to make things as seamless as possible. Follow up and attention to detail were second to none! Bonus… the delivery guys were fantastic!"